Wednesday 28 December 2011

Some Exciting news from Polka Doodles!!!

Following the success of Polka Doodles' collaboration with Practical Publishing in producing the Christmas magazine kit this year we were absolutely overwhelmed by YOU requesting us to bring you a regular Project Magazine - so here we are! Nikky has worked in publishing on and off since she was 18, all those many many moons ago so producing her own magazine is something she's always had on her wishlist. Knowing the ropes and how to make it happen has always meant she was just arm's length from doing this and now at last she has managed to get the whole kit and caboodle together to bring it to you at last!

AND we are totally excited about it. BIGTIME!!!!!!!

We were going to make this a subscription club with a bi-yearly signup but quite honestly in these current hard times Nikky didn't think it was fair to do that to our lovely customers. After all, why should we take all your cash up front when it's easy enough for us to take pre-orders each month instead? So this is what we shall do, to make it easier on your pockets. Quite simply, you will need to order by a set time which will be published when you purchase and then the kit will be despatched to you within the following few weeks. This will not be a monthly kit, but we are intending it will be each 7-8 weeks.
And best of all, Nikky will get to share her wonderfully talented Design Team with you all!! And one of them is ME wooohoooo!!!!!!!!! Nikky says we are absolutely brilliant and never get enough credit for the marvellous projects we make, so this is her chance to help us showcase our work and give you a little inspiration along the way. Each issue of the Chronicle will include at least 12 full step by step tutorial projects with loads of hints and tips and special club discounts and offers along the way too,

SO that's the jist of it - and I have been virtually BURSTING to tell you all this news which has been in the planning stages for some time now! So I truly hope we can tempt you to signup - we might not be the cheapest club but I honestly believe it will be the most inspiring club you can join, and we are trying our hardest to give you the maximum value we can. Until someone comes along and copies us, that is ; )

Lotsa luv, hugs xxxxxx

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  1. WOW Fantastic News Carol! Absolutely delighted for Nikki and of course you to be given the opportunity to showcase your amazing work. Good Luck

    Linda xxx