Saturday 17 April 2010

Magnolia Down Under Challenge

Good Evening all my friends!! Apologies for not posting anything in a while but I've still gotta get used to this blogging thing lol!! Just thought I would add this image of the card I entered into the Magnolia Down Under Challenge for you to have a quick look at. Haven't really had much time to craft in the last two days as hubby has just returned from a trip to Russia and what a stressful time it was as he was due back when the volcano erupted so needless to say all flights were cancelled but luckily he has returned home safely albeit 48 hours of travel later, poor guy!! Will be back soon with some new work. Lotsa luv xxxxx


  1. Beautiful card as always!! Hope hubby is ok after his journey - my mum is stuck in Las vegas at the mo!!
    Take care hun, and give DC a try again, i am getting use to it now!!
    Love Vicky xx

  2. Very Very cute♥